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Anyone got any tips on getting over sickness rly fast? So far I’ve been laying in the dark and sleeping as much as possible while drinking lots of water.


Methuselah Rookie Card by Snowing

"And I will explode if I don’t,
believe me that I know.
And I will explode if I don’t
kiss you now.”

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I’m sitting in my bed and my eyes are watering because I’m sick and because I’m listening to music that my friends wrote and it makes me cry sometimes. I’m thinking about how I’m in college when I don’t want to be, but I’m also in a city that I love because of it and I think it might be worth it. Sometimes when I lay down to go to sleep I think about all of the people I love very very much. I’m wondering why I still don’t feel comfortable at the thought of any sort of relationship but sometimes I think about holding hands with someone and it seems ok. I wanna make music forever and I wanna write songs forever and I’m worried that I won’t because I stopped painting and I used to love it a lot. I keep freaking out about time because I can’t make it go any slower and I’m wasting so much of it and I always think I’m gonna die soon and sometimes when I walk into a room I’ve never been in I feel really sad. Someone walked by me and said something to me earlier but I had headphones in and I can’t stop thinking about it, I also can’t stop using the word “thinking” and when I talk I say “I guess” a lot and I say “cool” too much when it’s really not that cool I’m just tired and uninterested. I wanna feel really alive and I wanna talk loudly and not feel embarrassed afterwards but my heart kinda feels like it’s in a million places and nowhere feels safe. I am trying to appreciate all of the great things I have and to go where I feel new and lucky. my friends are so brave and important and beautiful in a lot of ways and I am so thankful, I hope someday they can all say the same about me.



demon wine is my new best friend

and my new worst enemy

demon wine, making its way from state to state

playin 2 shows this month and I am terrified but u should all come.



Oathbreaker // Cambridge, MA

One of my favorite photo sets from Deathwish Fest.

ft. theoathbreakerreigns, deathwishinc

was there. was rad


Rev Sekou kneeled between protesters and police and prayed, then was thrown into a police vehicle with blood smears all inside of it.

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Poke I did to Gaia, more to be added // healed pics to come